Union Government’s demonetization move has so far imbibed a lot of criticism by the opposition. We all have had enough of the drama by the opposition and other parties too, regarding the currency ban by Modi government, which was imposed in November, 2016.

First, Opposition parties created an uproar demanding the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the debate, and they also continued to disrupt the proceedings even after Home Minister Rajnath Singh assured that PM Modi will himself come and talk.

The more they were assured, the more they brought excuses which lacked logic and only reflected their desperation and frustration. We also saw Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi grabbing mics and wasting time, of both media and common people because whatever he has uttered so far, had no weight.


And now we have Rahul again, who talks ‘no-sense’ with media and displays his ‘pappupana’ again!

Watch video here:

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