Message For The Opposition

Since 8th November 2016, a decision has changed the life of all corrupt peoples. The opposition and the haters are trying their level best to make the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetization decision a failure among people.

The opposition is trying its level best to not let the Parliament run even for a single day. Modi government has declared very clearly that anyone can come for an open debate on demonetization but still opposition is creating problems in the process of demonetization.

Common people are in favor of this decision and they are saying that we are ready to face little trouble for a new clean corrupt free India. And now a common man  Ajinkya Chopde is giving a strong answer to the opposition who is trying to fool country with their nonsense talks.  

Ajinkya Chopde giving a thoughtful message to the opposition in the form of a song. The opposition must listen to it to learn something and think about nations welfare, not their own.

watch video…!



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