PM Narendra Modi is one of the best prime minister India has ever faced. He is the man of action as well as words that can change anybody mindset in seconds. PM Modi keeps on working day and night for the welfare of the country. Recently he announced that 500 and 1000 notes will be ban in India and that raised the heartbeat of all corrupt peoples as well as terrorists in India.

Today, PM Modi addressed a rally in Deesa,  Gujarat in which he answered all the question that were being raised on demonetization in past days. He told he has a clear fight against Terror and black money. In Gujarat PM Modi also pointed out towards the massive gathering and the excitement in the peoples.

In his speech he also answered all those political people who are drawing people’s attentions towards negativity.PM Modi also challenged some political figures who never wanted to do a face to face conversation on demonetization but keep on barking at the back.

soon exploiting poor will become history because…

watch video…


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