Vaishali Dalmiya, (daughter of Jagmohan Dalmiya, who served as ICC and BCCI President previously) is a Trinamool Congress Member of Legislative Assembly. She is considered to be the most unexpected entrant in West Bengal Politics. The MLA represents the Bally constituency of West Bengal.

In a sport event organised in Howrah, West Bengal, Vaishali Dalmiya was spotted talking on phone during national anthem.

 Even after carrying the legacy of the family which held dignity of the nation at its peak at international level, Vaishali Dalmiya insulted the National Anthem.

Belonging to such a reputed and well-known family of Bengal, this kind of irresponsible attitude was not expected from her.

ANI tweeted-‘TMC MLA Vaishali Dalmiya talking on phone during National Anthem at a sport event in Howrah (West Bengal)’.

A video has come forward in which it is visible that all the players and other people present on the ground are standing giving respect to the national anthem but TMC MLA is continuously busy on phone.

See The Video, How TMC MLA Vaishali Dalmiya Insulted National Anthem…


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