Rahul Gandhi has always been parts of social media trolling whenever it comes to BJP vs Congress. He has also been in the limelight since he started opposing demonetization.

Due to the sudden enforcement of demonetization in the country opposition as well as other parties are targeting Prime Minister Modi and Central Government. Most of the opposition leaders are leaving no stone unturned to criticize Narendra Modi. Even social is flooded with criticism against demonetization and Narendra Modi. In parliamentary sessions also, political leaders are trying their best to target the Prime Minister.

Nowadays Rahul Gandhi has become a hot topic for discussion. Congress being the main opposition party has always been in the limelight ever since demonetization came into action. Rahul Gandhi has opposed Prime Minister Modi in every possible way.

In a recent public addressing, Rahul Gandhi tried to target demonetization using Vijay Mallya’s name and due to one small mistake he has been trolled again.

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