Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing people in his parliamentary constituency of Varanasi on Wednesday, taunted his political rival and Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi over his time and again made allegations. PM Modi said, “They have a young leader. He is learning to speak. From the time he has learned to speak, there is no end to my joy,”


Naa bolte toh bada bhukamp aajata, aur desh ko kitna bada bhukamp jhelna padta ki desh 10 saal tak ubhar na pata, lekin achha hua bolna shuru kar diya, toh pata chal raha hai bhukamp ki sambhaavna bachhi hi nahin (If he had not spoken, this country would have had to bear a huge earthquake, but it is good he has started to speak because now we know there is no chance of an earthquake),” the Prime Minister added.

Click here to see what commendable thing PM Modi did just before on of his rally. 


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