Vinod Kumar, AAP candidate from the border constituency of Bhoa, made some serious allegations against the party in a news conference, on Thursday. Kumar alleged that he has been told to deposit Rs.One Crore as party fund or sit back at home. Bhoa is in Pathankot district.

Giving the complete detail of the incident Kumar said that he was summoned by the party’s Punjab in-charge Sanjay Singh and organization secretary Durgesh Pathak to the party office in Chandigarh and given this instruction.


Kumar added, “I told them to connect me to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Sanjay Singh connected the phone. When I told him that these people were demanding Rs 1 crore, he said do whatever told by Sanjay Singh.” Kejriwal said it is high tech poll that costs money.

Click here to watch the video to know what all Kumar has to tell about  AAP Party’s corruption and the real face of Arvind Kejriwal… 


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