Another Shameful Act By AAP Party MP Bhagwant Mann…!

Remember Bhagwant Mann, the MP from AAM AADMI PARTY who shouted the video of security of parliament? He is once again in trouble due to his nonsensical activity and this time it’s something that couldn’t be tolerated.

A video of Bhagwant Mann recently came into notice in which he is doing a very shameful act. When you will watch this video you will hate him. This is not the first time when Bhagwant Mann has done something wrong. In July 2016 he made a video from his home to parliament and posted it on social media which raise a controversy against his mental status.

You won’t believe what Bhagwant Mann has done this time.

Watch video..!

The Turban of Sikh is biggest proud for him, it is a kind of God gift to them and this MP of AAP Party has insulted the Turban.


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