See How Money (Rs. 2000 Notes) Was Being Transported. We Bet You Can’t Guess This.

We all know that Demonetization is one of the biggest change in India. Around 50 days has been pass to this bold step by Narendra Modi and there seems to be no good effect of it according to oppositions. But, in reality, this is not the truth the demonetization in itself is a very good decision and is going to be successful soon if few people change them self.  These are the people who have taken out a very innovative way to overcome demonetization and are transporting money in a unique style.

The common people who are blaming the government is those same people who were searching the globe to safeguard their black money, earlier these peoples were raising voice against the government that they are not taking a step against black money.

when you will watch this video you will be shocked to see how people are transporting black money.

Watch video..!


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