In a bid to end the business of black money from India, PM Modi took the decision of banning 500 and 1000 note currency, on 8th Nov, 2016. While we saw the entire nation oscillating in glory after Modi’s BIG decision, we even had politicians from opposition and state parties, who obviously repelled the very idea!

And now, after 50 days of note ban, we had PM Modi delivering another ultimate speech at DigiDhan Mela event in New Delhi today. As usual, the minister left his audience mesmerised as he flared magic with his speech. He also urged people to start heading for digital payments and thus help government eradicate the black business of black money completely from the nation!

In his nirala style, he motivated people for turning ‘cashless’ and that it will only take one ‘thumb impression’ (angoothe kii chaap) for the transaction. By this he meant to tell people that those who take advantage of the poor will not be able to do it anymore and that even the poor will be digitally literate!

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