AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal could not hold back anymore and led out lyet anpther rally in Rohtak against PM Modi’s demonetization move. As usual, Kejriwal and his party performed a new drama! They broke a dummy locker(tijori) which read ‘Narendra Modi Ki Tijori’ and from inside it, the Delhi CM took out some documents which he called ‘proof’ against Modi!

Describing demonetisation as one of the “biggest scams in the country”, Kejriwal alleged that the Modi government had waived off Rs 1,200 crore loan given to a company owned by Vijay Mallya. He further said that demonetisation had benefited those having black money. If Modi really wants to end black money, then he should put 648 people, whose accounts are in the Swiss bank, in jail.

It seemed as if the people could not digest his words because the big news here is that a YOUTH hurled a shoe at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at the rally. Poor Kejriwal later and as usual, blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the incident on Twitter. The shoe thrower was identified as Vikas Kumar, 26, a resident of Dadri district.

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