Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal seems to have become obsessed with seeking limelight. Before coming to power, Kejriwal gave high hopes to people that he will, at any cost, provide the basic necessities to the Delhites. He even convinced people to trust him and made many ‘baby-face’ attempts to make people think of him as The Innocent Kejriwal.

But here we have Kejriwal, after almost two years of being in power, with nothing but a ‘flop’ image, uncountable allegations and a bunch of corrupt politicians. And we have yet another proof here in this video, to justify this!

We have often seen politicians roaming around in the VIP cars donning their ‘laal-batti’ attitude! But Kejriwal had promised that he wouldn’t ever do such thing! But it seems like the minister has forgotten this promise as well because this video shows Kejriwal in full VIP avatar!

Watch Video: Arvind Kejriwal Exposed By Real AAM ADMI!


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