After Demonetization Narendra Modi seems to be considering the idea of a “Universal Basic Income” or a regular state payment to all citizens regardless of their employment status. According to a report on the Business Insider website, this move by the Central Government aims to provide a safety net for all citizens and remove inefficient benefit systems currently in place.

The report cites Professor Guy Standing, an economist who co-founded the Europe-based advocacy group Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) in 1986, as saying that the scheme will be outlined in the Economic Survey, the government’s annual economic report card which will be presented in Parliament on 31 January.


The Business Insider report cited Standing as saying that he was closely involved with three major pilot schemes in India, two in Madhya Pradesh and another in West Delhi. The schemes in Madhya Pradesh were launched in 2010, and provided every man, woman, and child across eight villages with a modest basic income for a period of 18 months, the report said.


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