The biggest pride for India is its army and the people’s working day and night in it. We all are aware of the power of Indian army.

Our army men work day and night to safeguard us but, do you know that these army people are not getting everything that they deserve. Recently a video was uploaded by on of the brave Indian soldier in which he is highlighting the things that we could never imagine. A soldier who is living without his family and serving the nation day and night in areas where the temperature is lower than minus 5 degrees has appealed to Modi ji that he should listen to his video at least once.

He is talking about the quality of food that is served to Indian soldiers who work eleven hours a day. The main focus is on the point that the fault is not in government but, the peoples at higher posts. In the last he has even said that maybe he will be fired from the army because of the truth he has told but, still, he has courageously put forward the fact that what actually is happening in this country.

Watch Video..!


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