Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi returned with a bang after 10-day new year leave. During his speech at the Jan Vedna Sammelan in New Delhi on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi told people that he believes what Congress couldn’t do in 70 years, BJP did that in last 2.5 years, leaving his party people in shock. It seems Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi has not learnt from his past mistakes because all this while he was just trying to be witty which actually backfired him.

As if the speech could not get more absurd, Rahul also added, “Karan Singh Ji told me, This means, daro matt (don’t be afraid). Don’t be afraid of the present conditions. Face the truth. Now, this is a strange thing that since 3000 or 4000 years before today, in every religion, you are being told this. The symbol is also there. And you are being told not to be afraid of your present and reality.”

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