Priyanka Gandhi Vadra does politics like an item girl,” these were the exact words of Rajdeep Sardesai made 2 years back in the Tata Literature Live Festival. He had compared Priyanka Vadra Gandhi to an item girl who only appears during the elections and disappears into her royal life post elections.


Suddenly this news has been floating around in the social media since a few weeks. The real reason was the media went gaga over a BJP leader who made a remark on Priyanka Gandhi and the media termed it as a Sexist remark. The BJP leader had said that there are more pretty women than Priyanka Gandhi for Congress star campaign in UP, taking a dig at the way Congress always brought in Priyanka Gandhi during elections.


Rajdeep Sardesai who was questioning the BJP’s leader’s comment probably had forgotten that he himself had made a disgusting comment on Priyanka Gandhi. During his book launch  “The election that changed India” he was in conversation with Shobhaa De on the discussion of politics and Journalism when he replied to a question on whether Priyanka could get Congress out of the mess it finds itself in. He had said “The Gandhis need to realize that people want a leader who engages 24×7. Modi has got that right from the beginning.”


He had indirectly called Rahul Gandhi as Moron for accepting an interview with Arnab Goswami who exposed his dumbness to the core. He had also said that “Rahul Gandhi is great to go out for a drink with to Bombay Gymkhana, but he is not Prime Ministerial material. Sonia Gandhi is being this Italian mother with her son. She’s lost touch with reality.”

Rajdeep Sardesai had also taken a personal dig at Priyanka Gandhi for her star appearance, after which he was attacked by the Congress for calling Priyanka Gandhi an item girl. It is a well-known fact that Rajdeep is a Congress sympathizer and was definitely not happy with Congress poor performance in Lok Sabha elections. But the irony is that these journalists consider themselves righteous people and believe they are above questioning.

They forget they do not have any moral rights to question anyone when they themselves are involved in making such cheap comments. Politicians are known to make stupid comments to gain publicity and sympathy, but Rajdeep should answer why did he make such cheap comment on Priyanka Gandhi?


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