Racism has become a major problem for a large part of the population residing in the United States.

There is not only an uncertainty of being thrown out of the country but also a sense of fear of being victims of racism while they get out on the streets.


Ekta Desai, an Indian-origin girl residing in the US recently posted a video revealing the abusive remarks thrown at her while traveling on a train in New York. There were other passengers on the train who tried to stop the man from being aggressive.

Blacks have always been opposing Donald Trump while Trump has favored the Indians pre/post elections. This may be the backlash of that favor.

Have a look at the video she posted:


By the time the cops arrived, the guy had already left. Here’s the complete text from Ekta Desai’s Facebook post of this video:

“So this is something that happened while I was on my way from work today!!
This man was on the same PATH train as me along with 100 other passengers, I had my headphones on and was like any other day. Next thing I know he is yelling on my face (Did not bother to listen/ react). Knowing its pointless I step away, next target alongside an asian lady! From Christoher St- till Newport the things this man said, from “asian piece of shit to I will F¥*€k you all right here to get your F¥*€k!%g ^$$es back to your country etc etc etc” (putting it in the best words here) he went on relentlessly!! When we decided to take action against the abuse/threats, this is how it went!! So who exactly is taking up his job!!?? ?

P.S: not sure the cops found him or even took any action, though they showed up 15 mins after all this drama and he walked away with his friends! And people need to grow some balls


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