In 2017 Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Elections which held from February 11 to March 8, 2017 in 7 phases, Bhartiya Janta Party won. After the declaration of election outcome on march 11, the next step was to elect a candidate as UP Chief Minister. New Chief Minister’s name became a matter of curiosity for public but the name given by BJP was hard to digest. On March 18, Yogi Adityanath made new Chief Minister of UP.


On Sunday, March 20, 2017 Yogi Adityanath took oath as UP’s CM. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Lal Krishna Advani and Amit Shah along with other known leaders joined the Oath- Taking Ceremony. After this Yogi Adityanath talked about his priorities as a part of new government in his first press conference as new CM. He said that his government will work for the proper enforcement of law and order and for everyone’s development. First day only, Yogi’s government made 5 major announcements.

  1. Ministers will give detailed information about their property in 15 days.      

Just after becoming CM Yogi Adityanath held an unofficial meeting with his ministers and then joined the press conference. During the conference Yogi Adityanath made an important announcement. UP’s BJP government had asked its ministers to provide a detailed report of their property in next 15 days, publicly. With this Yogi government cleared that there will be no tolerance for corruption.

2. Focus on creating job opportunities for youth.

CM Yogi Adityanath said that UP government is bound to create job opportunities and self-employment for youngsters to make their dreams come true.

Know What Are the Other Big Announcements Made By Yogi Adityanath…


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