BJP’s win in Uttar Pradesh has not just proved that now it is the most loved party across the country but it has also marked the virtual end of the Indian National Congress (INC).

Despite Congress’ many efforts, including a hasty alliance with the Samajwadi Party, the party got a serious drubbing in the state where it fought the elections for 105 seats. This verdict has proved yet again that Rahul Gandhi isn’t leader material and is indirectly responsible for the Congress’ demise.


Many journalists who were speaking against PM Modi and the BJP before the results were announced, had to look for places to hide their faces when the mandate of the people was declared. Some of them, with a heavy heart agreed that PM Modi is indeed the best leader this country has ever had.

And now a video has arrived of journalist Anjana Om Kashyap where she is seen bashing the Gandhis and praising PM Modi openly. No journalist would have talked like this ever and the best part here was that Rajdeep Sardesai was sitting beside, listening to all of this.

Watch Anajana Om Kashyap’s no-holds-barred video on the next page.

There are a number of journalists in our country who seem to be on a mission to malign and implicate PM Modi. One of them is Rajdeep Sardesai, who has been critical of PM Modi ever since 2002.

But many journalists have realized that PM Modi is in fact the man this country needs and freely expressed their opinion. Aaj Tak’s Anjana Om Kashyap recently bashed the Gandhis for the shoddy conditions of their constituencies while Rajdeep Sardesai looked on in despair.

Watch the awesome video below

PM Modi has shown the courage and dedication that is needed to lead a big country like India. His bold decisions like the surgical strike and the demonetization have clicked with the people and increased the trust on him among the people. Unlike the Gandhis, he believes in doing rather than talking.


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