There have been several instances when PM Modi has come out to help the needy and the poor. He’s been the citizen’s Prime Minister and no doubt people have had at most trust and belief in him.

A letter from the Prime Minister’s Office helped a girl from Mandya continue her higher education. An MBA student from Mandya, Karnataka named B B Sara ad written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for financial assistance to continue her studies. A reply from the PMO ensured that she received an education loan in 10 days.


Sara is a resident of the Sugar town of Karnataka pursuing her MBA from PES College Mandya. She had sought an education loan from the Central bank of India to complete her studies from PES college. Tired of bank authorities delaying the loan approval process, Sara along with her father Abdul Ilyas wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, seeking assistance and help.

Within 10 days of receiving an acknowledgement, the girl was given a loan of Rs 1.5 lakh from Vijaya bank. A letter from the PMO office sent a letter to Vijaya Bank and her financial circumstances was helped by PM Narendra Modi.

“In a country of millions, the prime minister responded to a single letter that I wrote. I would like to meet him in person and thank him,” Sara said after receiving the loan. This shows why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most ideal leader we have ever elected and when it comes to educating the youth he’s always right there to help and bring them forward.



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