Ram Mandir Issue started in 1992 when Hindu Activists demolished Babari Masjid in Ayodhya, some believe but it actually started 500 years ago. Even Guru Gobind Singh fought a fight for this cause. Media shows that it all started in 1992.

Temples have always been a symbol of Hindu’s conviction especially Ram Mandir and everyone wanted the temple to be built there. Recently, Supreme Court Of India has order the representatives of both Hindus and Muslims to resolve case outside the court amicably. After this, Journalist Rana Ayyub started provoking the muslims against Hindus.

Judgement of Supreme Court in the past stated-” If there were a temple before the Mosque at the same place them temple will be built.”  After that the department of Archaeologist confirmed the presence of Ram Mandir there. Even if the case goes to the court, the court will pass judgement in favour of Hindus.


Rana Ayyub tried to provoke Muslims against Hindus on the issue of Ram Mandir using the social Media platform.

She wrote-” The constitution of India mandates that the onus of showing goodwill lies on the shoulders of the minority community #RamMandirDebate”.

Many people tweeted in response of Rana Ayyub’s post. Most of the comments made were negative and clearly criticized Rana Ayyub’s thought.

Ram Mandir is such a burning issue now-a-days that even a single statement can create a huge chaos among both the communities involved in the matter.

People started trolling the journalist on twitter in response to her provoking tweet as they were not at all in agreement with her thoughts.



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