“Swastika” is a Sanskrit word which means well being. It basically refers to the thing which is auspicious because it is associated with Hindu gods. its hard to believe that its just a mere co incidence that there is clear resemblance between the Hindu symbol ‘Swastik’ and the Nazi ‘Swastik’. The Hindu ideals were undoubtedly mislead by the Nazis according to their needs. Even the word “Aryan” used by Nazis was derived from Sanskrit word Arya which stands for supreme and pure -to denote a class of people. On one hand Nazis used the term as superior race whereas in the Hindu context the term is used in positive sense(elegant, auspicious and knowledgeable).

Hitler’s Nazi party had a key men Heinrich Himmler who called himself a Kshatriya which stands for the second highest caste, carried Bhagavad Gita and performed yoga exercises. He was fighting a war and assumed himself to be essaying the role of Arjuna from Mahabharat.


Savitri Devi (in real a french woman with the name Maximiani Portas), one of the main thinkers of Nazi group, even claimed Hitler to be an avatar of Hindu god Vishnu. Nazis assumed Hitler to be the Kalki (as per Hindu mythology, Kalki was the last avatar of god Vishnu who would destroy the world and take good people along with him to start a new cycle). The french woman considered herself as a Brahman (the highest caste prevailing in the Hindu society) and even married one.

Many Hindus were not influenced by Hitler. India never idolized Hitler and many didn’t know much about Hitler until his autobiography named “Mein Kampf” came out. Everyone knows the merciless killing of the Jews. In Germany also the Jews were hanged to death mercilessly.


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