Sushma Swaraj has been the guardian angel of all Indians abroad. No matter the crisis, she has always gone above and beyond to ensure that help was available. She has rescued an Indian woman from Pakistan who was ill-treated by her in-laws, saved six Indians trapped in the clutches of ISIS and been the saviour of countless more.

Most recently, Rajeev Sharma tweeted to Ms Swaraj urging her to save his brother who was being held for ransom in Serbia. The tweet also had an accompanying video of him being brutally assaulted by the kidnapper(s). 

Vinay and his parents trusted an agent going by the name of Satinder Singh, but he misled them and took them to a refugee camp.

 Ms Swaraj took notice of the tweet and immediately alerted the appropriate authorities in Serbia. The very next day, Vinay Mahajan was rescued and in the safe custody of Serbian authorities.

 And she did not just stop there. In order to prevent anyone else from falling prey to this “agent”, she urged the Protector General of India, Mr. M.C. Luther to take strict action against him.

After this Rajeev Sharma thanked Sushma Swaraj for her saving his brother in the most cordial manner.


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