Using their awful language and mindset, Aam Admi Party has the habit of making fun of Hindus and especially BJP. On a public forum by using derogatory language against PM Modi, Arvind Kejriwal himself lost his dignity. it seems like his party members are following the same.

AAP members are quite famous for spreading rumors and fake stories either to troll others or intentionally humiliating others. Many members of the party have been to jail in molestation cases against women. Since Yogi Adityanath has been elected as UP CM, AAP members have gone crazy.

They compare him to a militant and abuse him which makes it obvious that they are not able to digest the fact that a Yogi has became a CM.

Preeti Sharma Menon of AAP posted a photo of Sadhus mocking them and calling them collectively CMs of India in near future.

But soon she was trolled by twitteratis. People on the social media platform tweeted the comparison between today’s India and the “New India” mentioned by Preeti Menon.


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