Tehseen Poonawala, brother-in-law of Priyanka Gandhi thinks that he belongs to the first family of India and no matter what he does, no one will speak against him. He is a shameless guy and the one who spew filth about Union Minister Smriti Irani. He also spewed filth against Hindus, Modi and Bhartiya Janta Party.

Congress is out now after losing UP and Uttarakhand elections and failing to make their government in Goa and Manipur. EVMs have been blamed by them for this loss in elections .

Tehseen Poonawala said-“We will speak to the courts, will carry out agitation against the government, and even courts don’t give its decision in favour we will GO INSIDE PRIME MINISTER’S HOUSE.” This shows his absolute frustration after the loss.

After his speech the question arises- “Why Does He Want To Enter PM Modi’s House? Does he want to threaten him on EVM issue? Or Does He want to kill him?” 



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