Famous Union Minister Giriraj Singh, who always makes news for controversial statements, has started a new campaign to save petrol and diesel. He announced that to save petrol and diesel he would not use his car once in a week. To add a sense to his announcement, he also bought an e-rickshaw. Recently, the rickshaw was delivered to his house in Delhi.

As he has started this new thing, it is quite obvious that he would travel to Parliament and his office in Agricultural Department by his e-rickshaw once a week. As of now, they are waiting for registration number of the vehicle.


Although people have seen politicians using cycle yet Parliament would definitely wait for the minister to come by e-rickshaw.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, made an appeal to people to avoid using their vehicles, at least once in a week, in the show “Mann ki Baat”. People are saying that Giriraj Singh’s this action is due to that appeal.



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