In a recent tweet former Commissioner of Indian Premier league, sports tycoon Lalit Modi said that his name was not there in Interpol databases was not subject to a red notice or diffusion. The notice was dated 24 march 2017. After facing charges of financial irregularity, he was forced to flee India in 2010. The process of his banishment from Britain is still pending.

“Lalit Modi was the subject of data recorded in its databases but the data is cancelled”-Interpol notice added.

Its quite obvious that Lalit Modi’s tweet will create a political storm in the country. Recently, a news reported that Indian Government was planning all legal options to deport or banish him to India. Without mentioning Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya’s name Arun Jaitley , finance minister said in Lok Sabha few days back-” India is taking up the issue with the UK through diplomatic channels.”

In an Instagram post Lalit Modi wrote-” I just got off from a flight from Barcelona thru which i sat completely numb. Just as i was boarding the flight i got news that Interpol had finally investigated and concluded and reached a verdict in my favour with a detailed letter of rejection of India’s request for issuing of a Red Notice. The sword that was hanging over my head had suddenly gone. At first i did know what to do or say. I just forwarded the notice to a few people who were either involved, supported or were well wishers without a word from me. The flight was on the runway. I shut the phone. And the whole flight I sat completely numb overcoming with so many emotions and a sense of anger at first and then a greater sense of gratitude. I had finally achieved the mantra -” That this shall pass too”. I had always in my heart known truth will prevail. But never in my wildest dream think it would be so soon. I am just so thankful to my immediate friends and well wishers for being there and want to say thank you for standing by me. I now can peacefully chart my next step in life. Thank you are over and new chapter ready to begin. It’s been 6 years 9 months and 12 days to this day and now ready for a new beginning. Further I must say it is most astounding result one can hope for specially- that one of this case on the merits, based on the evidence and without considering the many false and baseless articles attacking and smearing your name.”

During his recent visit to UK, Arun Jaitley even raised the issue with his UK counterpart. Lalit Modi’s departure during UPA’s government regime not only affected congress leaders but senior BJP leaders like Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje Scindia also faced allegations of supporting him.


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