Appointment of Yogi Adityanath as UP Chief Minister was quite unexpected and over that his immediate actions on various issues of UP are too immediate to digest. No doubt his work gained a lot of appreciation but some are there who are raising voice against him. This decision of BJP not only shocked other politicians but also a major part of public. Its quite obvious, one decision cannot satisfy every individual so people are letting out their frustration on social media, the easiest way of expression these days.


A man has made improper comment on Yogi Adityanath on whatsapp and forwarded to other to make it viral. The man has been arrested by the police. According to police sources the case is of Bunta village of Garhi pukhta area of Shamli. Sajid, the man who made the comment has made it viral which created a tensed atmosphere in the nearby area.

After getting the news police reached the spot and arrested him. Villagers have asked police to take strict actions against him. Seeing the comments on Chief Minister, Narendra Saini told the villagers about the incident which lead to the agitation among people. A large number of people reached Garhi Pukhta police station and asked for the strict actions against Sajid.


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