Terrorism is prone to violence, terror, threat, destruction etc. ‘Terrorism has no religion’. But in order to do any damn thing, you need to have some place to do these type of destruction and terror. Habib Miyan, one of the accused in the 2005 Indian Institute of Science(IISC.) terror attack who helped many terror groups across the India-Bangladesh border into the country. He had provided a safe passage to the accused who crossed the India-Bangladesh border- to and from with taking only Rs. 800. He has the mindset to make cross thousands of unknown men, who play a vital role in cross-border terrorism.

Miyan was arrested in Agartala by the Gujarat Anti-Terror Squad(ATS) and Central Crime Branch (CCB), and the Tripura police with the logistic help the local police- said that he had helped Sabahuddin and gave Miyan Rs. 800 which made Miyan to help him.

Habib Miyan, who is the seventh accused in the IISc terror attack is one among the thousands who played an important role in the cross-border terrorism and said that Sabahuddin had approached him as a visitor who wanted to go to Bangladesh and return to Tripura in just a few days. Habib had provided Sabahuddin a safe passage but told the police that he was ‘unaware’ of the activities of Sabahuddin.

In 2008, Sabahuddin was arrested from Nepal for his alleged involvement in the 2007 Uttar Pradesh CRPF carnage in which seven jawans were tortured. He is still lodged in the Lucknow Prison and the Bengaluru police have stated that Sabahuddin had earlier mentioned about Habib and he told everything about how he was helped by Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Tayyaba handler Abdul Aziz and he finalized the travel to Bangladesh. India has taken many steps to come out with Miyan and has lodged him in jail.

It is said that Habib sold his ‘Immam’ for just Rs.800. He is considered as such a person who is ready to compromise with the national security because they do not have any religion. He also agreed that he had been doing these types of business of border-crossing for many years and till now he had helped approx 45 people in doing such type of crossing. This is actually against the country and being the citizen of India, you must be angry and frustrated of this person who is helping those people who are spreading terrorism in the country. It is also said that terrorism has ‘no religion’. So, we can guess that a person who cannot be loyal to his country, can never be loyal to his religion. Terrorism has ‘no religion’.


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