On the occasion of Yoga Mahotsav Uttar Pradesh CM had addressed a huge mob after his entry in official residence, Lucknow. CM Adityanath said that I am aware of all the problems  and people does not give anything to priests but PM Narendra Modi has handed over the whole UP to me.While addressing to the crowd, Ramdev baba was also present there who is Nowadays in news. It is believed that he is one of the yoga Guru who use to be in the limelight. In the same way, it is said that Baba Ramdev is not a politician but we can easily see him addressing a mob or participating in a political rally. Ideally, Yoga guru Ramdev is in media because of his anti-congress and anti-Rahul statement. After the Lok sabha election of 2014, Ramdev is in action in which NDA got the mandate and came into force with a huge majority.   Today Ramdev in the state capital for the home access ceremony of chief minister’s house where he was addressing the guest. Ramdev said no king or emperor lead the foundation of India it is done by the yogi’s and Rishi Muni’s and now a yogi is patrolling the largest state of the nation. Ram Dev said our prime minister is a yogi and the chief minister of the largest state is Maha-yogi and collected a huge round of applause from the receivers end. Ram dev also added in the very first week of Adityanath’s work he just made historical changes in Uttar Pradesh every news channel is telecasting the positive changes which the yogi government has done. While addressing the people Baba Ramdev said development is called development when it is done on both spiritual and economical basis. Baba also added in his words that Adityanath is a man of his word and soon we will see Uttar Pradesh the most literate clean and crime-free state.



Adityanath earlier said that the posture of namaz and suryanamasar is two side of a coin. Adityanath said both suryanamskar and namaz are practised in the same way by hindus and muslim respectively . All asanas in suryanamaskar are similar with the way namaz is done by muslim brothers but nobody has ever tried to bring them together because few people are intrested only in ‘bhoga’, ‘not Yoga ‘, claimed Adityanath .

Ram Dev and Adityanath were sharing the stage together where the yoga guru also told that quit the alcohol and start doing yoga in a humorous way to the audience. Time will tell Is yogi is just a flavor of the month or he will change the face of traditional Uttar Pradesh and bring the state to a new height.


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