Rana Ayyub has been that biased journalist who has time and again shown her hate towards the ruling government on every media platform. Rana Ayyub has been an independent columnist and with every tweet of her’s the only target is to demoralize the BJP led government and provoke people against their governance.


She now has a problem with Modi government showing concern for the Muslim women present in the country. As the matter of Triple Talaq being so seriously taken by the BJP led government to ensure dignity to Muslim women in the country.

Rana Ayyub now being greed and again thinking only of the minority community tweeted something which exposed her hypocrisy and care only for a particular community in the country. This is what she tweeted.

Waqf property are properties which are held inalienably. While the government has big plans for commercial and institutional utilisation of Waqf Board land across the country, including building malls, schools, hostels and offices these journalists for Muslim appeasement want them to give it away for Muslims just because Modi government is showing plight towards them.

After this tweet of Rana Ayyub Twitterati slammed her and exposed the hypocrisy journalists like Rana Ayyub have been showing.

Have a look at the reactions here:


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