Singer Sonu Nigam who performed at IIT-Kanpur’s annual technological festival commented on the newly appointed Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Where the media is busy calling this decision by BJP the biggest mistake, people from all around the country are applauding CM Yogi for his swift work and policy implementation.


Impressed with Yogi Adityanath’s work, singer Sonu Nigam tweeted this

“I am not personally involved in politics, but as a common man, I am liking the way the CM is keeping such a close watch on the working of his state. It’s good to see that he is managing things on such a micro level by visiting offices and police stations personally. Because when a boss does that then automatically the employees also remain alert and work more efficiently. I just hope that this thing remains consistent and doesn’t fizzle out.” Sonu Nigam said praising Yogi Adityanath’s work


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