PM Modi has launched many initiatives for the young budding entrepreneurs. With an ambitious StartUp India project, he has been very keen in supporting and providing growth and development to boost digital entrepreneurship at the grass root level.

India, a country compromising of 65% of the population below the age of 35 needs a government that moves hand in hand with the emerging “New India” and connects with the youth. When PM Modi speaks about “New India” he definitely motivates many young entrepreneurs to turn ideas into action thereby increasing the rate of employment in India as well. India has been a facilitator to build the startup nation under the governance of PM Modi.


PM Modi’s vision has brought a positive vibe in the ecosystem as government’s Startup policy has made entrepreneurs happy and has given them a chance to celebrate and rejoice. PM Modi has often taken the opportunity to have valuable conversations with the youth and tried to understand their ideology.

Recently on April 1st Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the ambitious participants in Smart India Hackathon to promote out-of-the-box thinking among the youth for his vision of a new India, saying innovation and technology will shape the future of the country.

In one such old StartUp India interaction with the youth a young entrepreneur explaining his ideas impressed PM Modi, he asked him if he’s interested in joining politics.

Watch The Video Below and Know The Reason Behind PM Modi Offer To This “Homeless Student”:


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