In 2015 Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had lodged a civil defamation as well as a criminal defamation case against the current Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Arun Jaitley had sought Rs 10 crore in damages from Kejriwal and the five AAP leaders for issuing allegedly false and defamatory statements against him and his family in connection with alleged irregularities in DDCA when he was its president.

This case was a personal legal battle and Kejriwal has hired the most expensive lawyer in India to fight the defamation suit filed by the finance minister. Ram Jethmalani‘s retainer is Rs 1 crore and his appearance fee per court visit is Rs 22 lakh. In total Ram Jethmalani has made 13 appearances to defend Arvind Kejriwal (In Supreme Court, Delhi High Court and in Patiala High Court).


This fee all together summed up constitutes to a whopping total of 3.86 crores. So as Arvind Kejriwal is fighting a personal legal battle it is obvious that not a single rupee must be taken from the Delhi government. But the public is made to foot the bill for Arvind Kejriwal’s legal expenses in a private defamation case.

In a big expose Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia is seeking Rs 3.86 crore from the office of the Lieutenant Governor on account of expenses obtained by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The note by Manish Sisodia seeks public funds to pay for the legal fees charged by Ram Jethmalani, who has been fighting Kejriwal’s civil defamation case.

Deputy Minister Manish Sisodia wrote a letter asking to sanction Mr.Jaithmalani’s fee to the secretary of honourable Chief Minister in the first letter. Have a look at the first letter.

When the chief secretary replied that the Delhi government is not responsible or will not pay for any personal legal case then Manish Sisodia wrote an other letter where he asked the Chief secretary to do the required work silently and sanction the amount quoted. He also said that neither the LG nor media should get a hint on this. Read the letter below.

This is not the first time Arvind Kejriwal or the AAP has been caught plundering and cheating the people. From personal trips to fighting elections in other states, he has always used the public money. This expose is like an eye opener for people who have elected Arvind Kejriwal as their leader.

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