Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s protest over the alleged tampering of the EVM machines after the assembly elections was the most stupid allegation that he ever came up with.

After the Punjab Assembly poll results, we saw how badly Kejriwal lost it. As usual, he could not gulp down his defeat and alleged that EVM tampering may have led to AAP’s poor show there and had said it could be part of a “conspiracy” to keep the party out of power in the state.


Moreover, he even urged the Election Commission to investigate cases of “faulty” EVMs and ascertain if their software can be tweaked “in favor of the BJP”. He had said that an EVM machine can be hacked in no lesser than 15 minutes and that the Narendra Modi Government is using these machines to tamper election results in their favour.

Kejriwal, who doubts the credibility of the machines, will not like the decision Russia has taken. The news is that Russia is keen on using India’s EVM technology for its upcoming Presidential election.


According to an Economic Times report, Russia hopes to learn from “India’s experience” of conducting polls through EVMs.

Russia’s request to Modi Govt.

According to reports, Russia has placed an official request to Modi Government to help them implement the same EVM system India is using, for their 2018 presidential elections. The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Election Commission, Nikolai Levichev, even made a special visit to Uttarakhand to get a first-hand experience of how the machine works. He then held extensive meetings with senior officials in Delhi asking for their help to ensure that even their country implements such a safe voting system.

Sources say that Nikolai was real impressed with the voting system here, especially with the minimum human intervention policy. He even expressed how deeply he felt that even Russians should learn the art of conducting elections from India.


When asked about Russia’s move to take up India’s technology, Kejriwal did not comment and kept mum instead. This move surely comes as an insult to Kejriwal who believes that he could read and rewrite the code of an EVM within 72 hours. The Delhi CM seems very keen to make headlines but when it comes to administration and betterment of the people of Delhi, he and his party netas are least bothered.


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