Prime Minister Narendra Modi has earned praise and admiration across the globe thanks to his leadership skills. He has also been highly applauded for his diplomacy when it comes to international relations.

Today, once again, PM Modi showed why he is regarded as one of the best diplomats in the world.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina arrived at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport today for a four day visit to India. The last trip by the Bangladeshi PM was seven years ago. But today, Sheikh Hasina was in for a very pleasant surprise.


PM Narendra Modi broke protocol and went to the Indira Gandhi International Airport to personally receive his Bangladeshi counterpart. This gesture has won the hearts again and displayed his diplomacy.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister travelled through normal traffic without any route restrictions, official sources said. Journalist Sudhir Chaudhary also tweeted on this gesture of PM Modi. 

PM Modi not just broke protocol to receive his Bangladeshi counterpart but he also entered through normal traffic, without any prior notification. Zee News journalist Sudhir Chaudhary also tweeted on this pleasant gesture of PM Modi. See his reaction below.

Sheikh Hasina is on a four day trip to India to strengthen relations between the two countries. Hasina will hold wide-ranging talks with PM Modi, during which India is also set to announce a line of credit of USD 500 million to Bangladesh for military supplies.

PM Modi has pleasantly surprised people in the past too, with his kind gestures. Apart from his disciplined lifestyle, this quality of his is also something that the people admire the most.



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