Member of Parliament and the ex-spokesperson of Congress, Shashi Tharoor was the recent guest on Conflict Zone hosted by the renowned international TV journalist Tim Sebastian. The talk show involved some tough questions that were imposed on Shashi Tharoor being the representative of a party that has looted India for the past 70 years and nothing other than the ‘dynasty rule‘ has prevailed.

In this engaging debate, Tim Sebastian threw some difficult questions at Tharoor regarding corruption, nepotism, Kashmir and how the Congress will save it’s sinking ship from politics. But the most interesting part was when Shashi Tharoor tried defending the ‘failed politician‘ and the ‘dynasty destroyer‘- Rahul Gandhi. The host Tim Sebastian roasted Rahul Gandhi by giving some awful stats and figures that proved why it is not a mistake calling the troll guru, Rahul Gandhi a ‘failed politician’ and an unfit representative to be called as the Vice-President of India’s oldest political party.

Shashi Tharoor tried defending Rahul Gandhi as well as Congress. A party filled with scamsters and corrupt leaders. After the shameful loss in 2014, Congress has been thumped down by the PM Modi-led government whose work speaks for itself. The opposition seems to be dull and there is hardly anything that they can target and raise allegations on.


Watch the interview here where Tim Sebastian roasted Rahul Gandhi. Shashi Tharoor was left speechless. Watch The Video Below.

Suffering a consecutive 27 electoral defeats in the past 5 years Rahul Gandhi still dreams of becoming the Prime Minister of India. He is more over depicted as the best Twitter entertainer. Politics is definitely not the right place for Rahul Gandhi and his dynasty has plundered enough in the past and now the country is under reform and development where every single person is equally treated and is judged on the output that they have been providing, not on the ‘surname’ passed by their ancestors.


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