Tensions have been escalating and there is a real fear that the situation in Kashmir is fast spinning out of control. The ground situation in Kashmir has been escalating to the level of utmost unrest as stone pelting has become a routine feature of street protests with the youth hurling stones at the police and paramilitary personnel.

After the assassination of Hizbul Mujahideen leader Burhan Wani Kashmir has been in a state of unrest and disruption. It’s almost every day that we hear about chaos and turmoil in the valley. Jammu and Kashmir that is believed to be a blessed region with tourists calling it a heaven on earth has now become a place where people feel scared to visit.


It’s been 7 months that Kashmir has been burning because the separatists and Pakistanis have used this situation to provoke the youth in pelting stones against the Indian army. Stone pelting has now become a trend and the youth of Kashmir are being manipulated to turn them into traitors and terrorists.

In its search for the so-called freedom (azadi) Kashmir is looking at a prolonged period of destruction with the separatists playing their move by placing their guns on the young stone pelters, who are helpless and due to restraints have to hurl stone on our own jawans.


Recently a video surfaced online where a stone pelter was tied to the army jeep that left the pseudo-seculars and the separatists baffled. Major Gaurav Arya has a perfect solution to fight back with these Kashmiri stone pelters that will resolve the unrest in the valley in just 4 days. Have a look at the video below.

Due to these stone pelters, Kashmir is again allowing itself to become a playfield for Pakistan’s proxy war on India. The developments are distressing causing a big loss to the economy. It is Kashmiris themselves who must protect their motherland from going down a ruinous path. It is high time security forces take hard retaliatory actions and bump down these Kashmiri youths.



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