When people say Prostitution is an illegal act in India, they are WRONG ! It is not illegal in India until you are involved in Kerb Crawl ,persuading publicly, having proprietary of a bordello, pimping related acts, running prostitution in a hotel/motel/lodge. IPC considers such acts as Crimes.

There are numerous Govt. Org. as well as NGOs who are working hard day and night for their rehabilitation and helping to dis-embarrassment children and trafficked women from the brothels, who are surviving their lives due to the past circumstances like a slaves.


Various movies including Pakeezah (1972), Sharaabi, Amar Prem (1972), Mausam (1975) Umrao Jaan (1981), Mandi (1983), Tawaif (film) (1985), Chandni Bar (2001), Devdas (2002),  Chameli(2003), Umrao Jaan (2006) , Laaga Chunari Mein Daag (2007), Dev D (2009), B.A. Pass (2013) and Thira (2013) has been pictured showing lives of dancing girls and prostitutes.

Slide Show will dive you inside for more details about such places :

1. Sonagachi, Kolkata


Located near the bank of Ganges , Sonagachi is the Asia’s largest brothel , having 10K+ sex workers , there are several hundred multi-story building operating from east state of India. According to resource, Sonagachi who tested for HIV are not even provided with the result with the assumption that HIV+ workers will be ostracized.

Prostitutes reported that three-fourth customers refused to use condoms while on enforcing them , they make the exit entry. Lot of Movies and Documentaries , captured here , raised concern for social justice for many who want to make themselves out of bordello.


2. Garstin Bastion Road (G.B. Road) , Delhi

top 10 brothel

Located parallel to the railway linesof Old Delhi, with more than 200 of brothel ,  Garstin Bastion Road is one of the oldest cat-house in North India. This is the place where minors are more active than adults. Dilapidated brothels, dark staircase anguish with paint peeling off the walls, and their blank eyes tell a story of negligence and exploitation.

Instead of efforts by numerous NGOs to intervene and raise the social life, it’s an exploitation that has continued almost unabated for hundreds of years. On religional sentiments , Two mosques in the back and a Hanuman Mandir in front. They celebrate all festivals like others do. Kothas near to  them attract more stuff due to their fair-complexioned girls hailing from Nepal and Assam.


3. Budhwar Peth, Pune


Peth refers to Market. This market is so unique , majority of surrounding is surrounded by Electronics shops , Book Stores , local market and there you will found a way to enter this whore-zone. It’s a third largest area for sex workers in India. Due to overcrowding as per article March 2015 ,  sex workers here also started commencing the part time jobs for the survival.

Walking through the corridor to the “bulb lit rooms” where they both entertain clients , sleep, dress, dream, live and belive. Little more than narrow window-less boxes of wood, shoes stand under the hard wooden beds. Clothes sewed and pegged , a curled hair bands lying on the floor, this is all you can get from there. World’s richest Ganesha Temple , Dagadusheth Halwai ,  is also near to this Peth. Earliier it was known as Mohitabad or Moheyabad. Thorale Madhavrao Peshwa under his reign made developments and renamed it as Budhwar Peth.


4. Kamathipura, Mumbai


Earlier known as Laal Baazar ( Red Market ) famous for day workers and masons who came from Telangana state. Due to tough times in 1990 , mainly due to corruption inside Police Department and their illegal recovery plans made this area into brothel. As of now , BMC recorded more than half lakh workers are indulge in this area.


Though everyone has awareness with the help of NGOs, most of the workers here don’t allow sex without condom when they come to know the later impacts of AIDS. Old stories also described that workers here helped the minor to get rid of the situation and expand their wings in the free air for education and other noble causes.


5. Ganga Jamuna (Itwari) , Nagpur


Located near to Nagpur railway station , Ganga Jamuna of Nagpur comes as the next biggest brother in India. The biggest problem here is the crime which happens along with Sex. Prostitutes continue to live in squalid conditions life, isolated from the rest of society , a life of poverty as well as of slavery, from which, for many, there is no escape until their death. Due to a lack of education , awareness,  many continue to have unprotected sex.

When it comes to reality , Life here is incredibly difficult included Poverty, drug and alcohol addiction, gambling and violence. Workers live on the edge of society, frowned upon and ignored. Approx. 30-50% of Indian sex workers are HIV positive and the irony is they are not even knowing it.


6. Meergunj , Allahabad


Birthplace  Colony of Chacha Nehru , the first Prime Minister of India , nowadays become a place of rackets and brothels in India. Prayag , where , Ganges , Yamuna and Saraswati ( invisible ) met each other to form a Sangam , a holy place. Again due to lack of education and ignorance by local active volunteers , Meergunj had a problem of prostitutuion by minor . Mostly hails and pimped from North-East India on the name of money and reputation.

The prostitutes are paraded, wearing low cost sarees, dry mascara smeared on faces as well as protruding red lips as a bevy customers, whose mouths filled with beedi/cigarette, gutka and pans.


7. Tilawala , Jaipur


Near Diggi Malpura Road , 30 Km off from Jaipur , the City of Hawa Mahal , there exist a village name Tilawada. The reason of their rise here is of low cost , which in return changes labours and gangster from surrounding districts to land here for their leisure.

Inside the wooden house. The skinny pimp gazes at the sex-starved customers and a skinny fellow nods for number three, signalling Raama to move towards the cramped pale yellow painted room inside. She waddles and mutters a cuss words, “Chalo” as she guides the little fellow, her customer for the night, inside the room. Most of them are hailing from MP , Gujrat and Rajasthan in search of grains for two times a day.


8. Chaturbhuj Sthan , Muzzaffarpur


There was a time , when this place was famous for  “Chaturbhuj Sthan Temple”, which is widely famous for its spirituality and faith along with Mujra.  But by time , here , at the largest city of Northern Bihar , Mujra turned into numerous small brothels.
Fights , Drunkards , Money , Poverty are some major issues in this area. From various parts of country , due to cheap rates , pimp made this places hell. The yellow house with an arch and a carved parapet marks the beginning of the red-light area. Though the area derives its identity from Chartbhuj Sthan temple, you’d have to walk down a certain stretch before you pay your obeisance to the gods.


9. Shivdaspur , Banaras


Located on periphery of Varanasi , having small but many brothels in the holy city which includes minor boys who have also been abducted and brought here from different parts of nation. Later when they grew up , they have been groomed as agents, brokers, middlemen, traffickers. Many NGOs have also been fighting for the cause of reformation of life, education and right of these unfortunate women and their children but in spite of all this, the flesh trade of women and trading and trafficking of children and girls have been going on freely in this area.

There are gods there, both from the Hindu and the Muslim pantheon. Prayers are a way of life. Not education. Nor health care. Hamida was one of the few exceptions who had her heart in studies. Hailing from Saharsa she secured first division marks in the school finals. Not many have heard of AIDS and condoms are out. They cannot and do not force their clients to use condoms. Contraceptives? That’s Greek for most of the women. Not many admit they have sexually transmitted disease. Though two cases of HIV positive have been identified, the victims were not photographed, hence difficult to be traced in the maze.


10. Kabadi Bazar, Meerut

kabadi baazar

When you plan to purchase an second hand automobile stuff , or want to repair old one , you might have gone through this place in Uttar Pradesh. Located near Brahmpuri , Kabadi Bazar serves as flesh marketplace for northern UP. Girls even from orphanage has brought to run these brothels near the heart of city. Reports also revealed that when workers didn’t get place at G.B Road Delhi , they generally prefer this place as it comes in the Vicinity of NCR.

The welfare drive of the district administration has revivified their faith in a better tomorrow, but it is still a labyrinth, still a long way to go. However , someone wrote the following beautiful lines.

“Some sorrows, some emotions,

Life is A revolution.

Love, hurt, happiness and joy,

They all come with life’s convoy.

Even when things seem low, Don’t be sad.

Have the courage, Life is not so bad.

Happiness will come after sorrow,

You just need hope for a better tomorrow.”



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