Due to immense rise in videos popularity, video streaming sites like YouTube becomes favourite destinations for every user. However, YouTube doesn’t have an option to download video files from it directly. So, you should use a third-party Android app if you want to download videos on your phone. KeepVid Android is one of the best apps you can use for this purpose. Given that the original app is not available on the Play Store, you must download KeepVid Android APK file from the official site.

KeepVid Android App Review

I know, people keep asking “how to download youtube videos” such that they can see whenever they want. So, in this tutorial, I am going to explore one of the Apps which can make your task easier. As you read earlier, KeepVid is a YouTube downloader for Android. But you may be thinking “Why should I use KeepVid for YouTube video downloading”? Well, let’s find out.

Key Features of KeepVid Android App

Any app should have all the features we users looking for. Or else, there is no point why people should use even other similar application available out there. Therefore, KeepVid presents a wide range of features and now, You going to decide whether these features are eye-catching for you or not. Let’s have an in-depth look to know more about the features, functions, etc..

KeepVid Supported Sites1. Convert YouTube Videos to Any Format

Sometimes users don’t want to see entire video on YouTube. However, most of the time we need to convert the video into an audio format as well. Conversion after downloading the file makes the job tedious, and you might ask for a solution that does the job in one go. KeepVid supports all the major video formats in different resolutions so that you can select one according to your device. It also allows you to choose the MP3 format for the output file. Means, you get to do two processes with a single tap.

The procedure for downloading YouTube videos in MP3 format is not different than that for a usual video. Find the video, select format, and download.

2. Built-in Browser and Direct Video Search

You may be a fan of minimalistic approach that even for downloading a video your preference would be the least number of steps. So, KeepVid packs in an inbuilt web browser with it to visit any website without leaving the app. Once you come across any embed videos, you can download it without hesitation.

What if you don’t know the website but a topic for the video? Then, the direct video search feature on KeepVid Android comes to your rescue. Insert the keyword and see the numerous video results pop up on the screen instantly.

3. Multiple Ways to Download Videos

KeepVid offers a diversified set of options to download YouTube videos in any format you choose. If you don’t want to browse for videos from the app itself, you can use the official Android YouTube application. It has a share button on the right-top corner of the video player. When you think you need a particular video, all you should do is tapping on the share button and select KeepVid Android from the list that comes up.

KeepVid Android AppYou may not have the android app for all the streaming sites. Meanwhile, finding the share button on some is not as easy as it seems. In such situations, you can copy-paste the video link to the interface. KeepVid doesn’t delay to display the download button.

4. Batch Downloading Support

Being a massive media consumer makes your life tough especially when you have a standard internet connection. You can’t run multiple downloading processes in the background. Most of the internet downloaders don’t maintain the speed equally among the operations.

So, now you can assign any number of downloads at KeepVid. It will finish all of them like a brisk business (depends on your internet connection speed) by giving all of them the equal priority. Moreover, you won’t face any restrictions in the number of active downloads as well.

5. Sleek User Interface with Share Buttons

KeepVid comprises of a simple user interface that leaves us no confusion even for the first time. You can search for videos and start downloading them right away without wandering through a pile of options.

It is common for smartphone users to come across interesting videos and share them. KeepVid Android has a share button with a menu of multiple applications. Just like on YouTube, sharing is seamless and quick on this application too. Not to mention, KeepVid doesn’t limit you from downloading videos in high definition quality.

Wrapping Up

Finally, You have read a few unique aspects of KeepVid Android YouTube downloader here. Having been given for free, KeepVid will impress you with its responsive performance and handling capacity. The only issue I think is the unavailability on the Play Store. The app sometimes displays advertisements, but you shouldn’t complain as it’s available for free. You can use the link given at the beginning of this article to download the APK file.

If you like to keep all in one App for all video streaming sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.. you can use their free YouTube to MP4 online downloader.