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As expected, Rahul Kanwal of India Today catches up BJP President Amit Shah in an Airplane and asks him question over intolerance over Dadri Lynching and tries to associate people arrested with BJP.

Amit Shah counters it with asking Rahul Kanwal over murders of many hindu people in Uttar Pradesh and amount of media coverage done over it. Even asks if Rahul Kanwal and India Today group has sold themselves to Samajwadi Party and requests to present entire coverage of Dadri Vs various incidents of Hindus Murdered in Uttar Pradesh.

Also these paid news traders blamed Modi Ji and Shah for 2002 Riots, when Modi was CM of state. Why are they not questioning Akhilesh Yadav now? Do they think that people of India are fools to believe their paid and sponsored propaganda?

Is this not biased Journalism and if these news traders are doing such selective and shameful reporting, its clear that they are paid ransom amount by anti nationals and enemy’s of India.

Fourth Pillar of democracy is indeed turning out to be a rotten pillar.


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