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RSS & ISIS : Two faces of the same coin..

by Burqa Al Habibi



Over the last year or so, RSS has made life impossible for India’s minorities. Hindu Raj has brought India to a standstill. Once a melting pot of cultures, India today has been denuded of its cultural heritage by RSS militants who are using every weapon at their hand to terrorize minorities. Rape, pillage, execution prevail as India descends into lawlessness. RSS brigands are enforcing the laws of Bhagwad Geeta to extort the minorities in exchange for the right to live.

There are countless reports of arbitrary punishments, slavery and wanton destruction of cultural heritage that are seeping in from areas under RSS rule. Minorities are living in perpetual fear and the international community is the only hope for millions of Indians.

Page 2 : U.S and the World against RSS

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