[Post Credit : SatyaVijayi.Com]

Do Media Houses ‘manufacture’ news? The latest expose of Zee News answers this question in a big YES. Today Indian Media is suffering a serious credibility crisis. Opinions are being presented in the form of news.


In this video, Zee News anchor Rohit Sardana exposes how a news reporter of Hindi News Channel Aaj Tak owned by the India Today Group is tutoring a child to say what he wants the child to say. The big question arises if this is true, then whats wrong in terming these sold media houses as “Presstitutes” ?

This video also presents Aaj Tak’s response to this video and also brings out two instances involving Aaj Tak’s reporters and Arvind Kejriwal allegedly ‘fixing’ news.

It’s high time for Indian Media Houses to buck up.




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