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In the past if any Nehru-Gandhi dynast or any of his or her confidantes did something dastardly, then the entire #AdarshLiberal crowd would simply look the other way as they are trained to. However, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the standards are gigantically different.

If any Indian from any party or any region of India goes wrong, then a tedious link is established and a web of lies spun by the usual suspects to somehow hold Modi responsible. It is no secret that India’s intellectuals, liberals, senior editors, seculars are open/closet Communists and hate Modi to the core.



Here’s a look at how they deny the facts and go straight for the spin.

Fact: Law and order plummeted in Uttar Pradesh after Akhilesh took over.

Spin: Dadri happened because of Modi-induced intolerance.



Uttar Pradesh was in the pits under Mayawati, but Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has sunk it to further depths. Not a day goes by without some violent incident being reported. One of the worst incidents of communal riots in recent times in India happened in Muzaffarnagar in 2013, which saw 62 deaths. The media instead of getting to the bottom of the matter to ensure fair reportage and justice merely played up terms like “polarization”without offering any proof.

Nobody denies that Lalu Prasad Yadav’s RJD is a highly casteist party and Mulayam Singh Yadav’s SP is a party with serious law and order problems but very few give them regular bad press over the same.

Now the same thing happened in Dadri. While it was a dastardly act, most media outlets had given their verdict on the “breaking news”stage blaming it on beef and Modi. You may remember that Modi was never charge-sheeted in the 2002 Gujarat riots and yet he was declared guilty.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi was charge-sheeted in the National Herald case and hearings have been going on regularly, but the media is avoiding it like the plague.

Modi is regularly attacked on imaginary and concocted issues. Law and order is a State issue. A church was attacked in Mamata Banerjee’s West Bengal, MM Kalburgi was killed in Siddaramaiah’s Karnataka and Dadri happened in Akhilesh’s Uttar Pradesh.

Only #AdarshLiberals and the #AwardWapsiGang could blame a BJP Prime Minister for deteriorating law and order situations in non-BJP States.

Page 2 : Congress’s Intolerance Deceit

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