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Should Rahul Gandhi be happy or worried post Bihar..Take a look at our analysis.



Many politicians from all over the country are pitted against Modi. This list includes Lalu Yadav (who has vowed to campaign against Modi in every state), Nitish Kumar (Modi’s arch-rival in Bihar), Arvind Kejriwal (the U-turn master who leads anti-Modi campaigns), Jayalalitha, Mamta Bannerjee and also Mulayam Singh. These are all against him and may well be eyeing the PM’s post in 2019.

But among all these people, where does Rahul Gandhi stand ? RaGa is the least experienced in all fields compared to these politicians. By forming an alliance with RJD and JDU, did Rahul Gandhi dig his own pit ?

With these many front runners, can RaGa have a chance to become the PM in 2019 or even in 2024? Do let us know your thoughts. We bring you Ram Jethmalani’s words on Rahul Gandhi :

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