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Today while having a discussion with some youth from Bihar (28-35 years), I saw something that I had not at all expected to see. The topic they were talking on was election and I had expected a unanimous answer that the youth would have voted for development.



But.. this was not what I heard. Here is how the discussion went.

“Whom did you vote for”


I was shocked after hearing this and the obvious question was WHY?

And the first answer I got was that Modi will not allow corruption and that Lalu will. Assuming that the guy had misspoken, I asked again. And this is what he actually meant.

The reason given was that Lalu will allow corruption and then HE and other youth would be able to pay money to get government jobs.

“But what about the fact that Lalu went to Jail and what about Jungle Raj?” I asked further (in Hindi of course).

The answer surprised me. Lalu would have learnt his lesson not to repeat Jungle Raj again. He would ensure that Jungle Raj does not come back.

All this was coming from someone who is not a Yadav. The next guy who was a Yadav added that since most non-hindus and most Yadavs in his village would have voted for Lalu, it was nearly certain that he would win. So, even he voted for Lalu to avoid wasting votes and because he wanted to vote as his caste voted.

One of the guys who had privately told me that had voted for BJP then jumped in proudly saying even he had voted for Nitish

If the YOUTH is voting FOR corruption instead of development, it is no surprise that Bihar is stuck where it is. Since Lalu has won along with Nitish, this is not a vote for development of Nitish or against communalism but this will be a vote for corruption if the trend is same everywhere.


  • This was a small RANDOM sample and does not represent whole of Bihar.

  • This sample heavily represents those who voted in and around Patna.

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