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With the early winter march to Rashtrapati Bhawan, Congress wielded its brahmastra on a government elected with a huge popular mandate. Leading from the front was the President and Former De-facto PM Sonia Gandhi, and to her right strode the heir to the empire, Rahul Gandhi. The good old party faithfuls (Sibal, Antony, Hooda and others) trod along dutifully on those familiar roads. It made an interesting sight – after resorting to all means possible to malign the name of the PM and the current government, the Congress party walks in protest to the office of a former loyalist.



The PM is faced with opposition forces that now tantamount to a composite of every single political party in India.  The politics behind it is quite an eyesore – every time an election is in the offing, old foes turn friends and devise ever new reasons to call the PM ugly names.

With fiery words and highly charged speeches, the only agenda is to vilify Narendra Modi. Reconciliation between bitter enemies of the past was shamelessly staged in the face of Bihar elections. While Lalu Prasad Yadav shook hands with Nitish Kumar, a new ally was found in Arvind Kejriwal

Page 2 : How the Congress runs on ‘Others’ & Blame-games


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