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Delhi Mumbai industrial corridor better known as DMIC is a mega Indo-Japanese USD 90 billion dollar (Rs. 4, 23, 000 crore) Infrastructure project, which is being touted as a game changer for the Indian economy. DMIC would be the biggest infrastructure project India has ever attempted in its history. The project will see phenomenal expansion of Industrial capacity and Infrastructure. Road, rail, port, air connectivity will get a boost in states that fall under the corridor. Many smart cities would be developed alongside the corridor besides making the existing one’s smarter, such as the Dholera SIR (special investment region) in Gujarat, which aims to be 6 times the size of Shanghai and 2 times the size of Delhi.


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The backbone of the project would be the ambitious ‘Western Dedicated Freight Corridor’ that would help cut the logistical costs of manufactured goods, decongest the existing network and help make Indian goods cheaper and competitive.

India has traditionally been an Agriculture based economy which has just recently transitioned to become a Service based economy, however unlike the usual path that developed countries took to become developed (Agriculture to Manufacturing to Services), India jumped directly to Services from Agriculture, skipping the 2nd step(Manufacturing) all together. This lack of attention given to manufacturing sector has resulted in India not fully able to utilize its economic potential to become a great economic powerhouse that it should be. DMIC is the infrastructure project that it supposed to change all of this.

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