Aamir Khan and family feel unsafe in this country as of now. Aamir and his wife fear for the safety of their children and are even considering moving out of this country. There seems to be ‘despondency and disquiet’ in the nation according to Aamir.


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While moving out of the country is his personal decision, we would like to bring out a video of his which was shot on November 11, 2015. In this interview video of Aamir, he is asked about his thoughts on Narendra Modi and the atmosphere. He admitted that he was looking forward to Modi’s time in power and also said that there is a lot of positivity around at the moment. And now just two weeks after this, he is crying intolerance !

Is this a politically motivated move or just another publicity stunt ? We will let you decide that after seeing the complete VIDEO.

Page 2 : VIDEO which exposes Aamir’s statements to be politically motivated

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