Unlike Aamir and Shahrukh, Salman Khan hasn’t supported the claims of intolerance. While SRK claimed that India is intolerant a few days ago but then backtracked, Aamir recently said that his wife feels unsafe and fears for the safety of their children in the current atmosphere. While the real reason behind these claims is not known, these comments have no truth in them and so believes Salman Khan.


A few days ago Salman was asked a question on the growing intolerance in the nation to which he replied :

“I can only say that my mother is Susheela Charak and my father is Salim Khan.”

When he was further probed to give a more elaborate answer, he couldn’t resist being his usual self.

“I repeat again, my mother is Susheela Charak, my father is Salim Khan. I am Salman Khan and she is Sonam Kapoor. Hum sab yahaan ek saath baithey hain, koi farq padta hai kya?”

While these comments weren’t given the same coverage as the ones by Aamir, Salman once again bashed the media for promoting intolerance in the nation.

Page 2 :  Salman slams TOI reporter – VIDEO

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